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NTE Guarantees Energy Savings for Commercial

Energy Efficiency Projects

  • NTE protects against performance risk of energy efficiency investments.
  • NTE guarantees project performance exposure with an A++ rated insurance policy.
  • NTE reduces financial exposure and locks in a rate of return.
  • NTE provides investment certainty and peace of mind.
NTE Sources Financing For Energy Improvements
  • Due to the complex nature of energy conservation systems and technical uncertainty over the effectiveness of energy efficiency programs, lenders and investors often see such projects as an unfavorable credit risk.
  • This causes a large number of energy projects with viable energy related returns to be unfunded and never implemented.
  • This meaningful free cash flow is left on the table due to financial considerations like poor credit or inadequate balance sheets
NTE’s Risk/Capital Solutions
  • NTE sources capital for energy projects.
  • NTE products and services allow you to reduce the balance sheet liability associated with energy savings performance contracts.
  • Industries benefited include Education, Manufacturing, REITs, Property Management, as well as any large energy user.

Why choose NTE?

  • NTE is a leader in developing best-in-class risk mitigation solutions for commercial energy efficiency projects.
  • NTE offers customized insurance policies to meet the precise requirements of clients.
  • NTE understands the energy efficiency industry with solutions to address the needs of ESCOs, banks, financiers and building owners.
  • NTE has strategy partnerships in place that provide access to a field inspection force that is one of the largest in the world.
  • NTE is focused on what matters most – improved energy efficiency for lower energy costs, guaranteed positive cash flow and better buildings, plants and equipment.